Studio in Materialist and Decolonial (MAD) Politics & Aesthetics

A moving community of intensive study in politics, culture, and art, the Studio’s primary objective  is to provide an egalitarian international platform for transdisciplinary work and collaboration in political theory and aesthetics accountable to and in conversation with materialist and decolonial imperatives. Participants will share a stake in the question of method across the humanities and social sciences, operative in the realms of knowledge production and pedagogy alike, both within and outside the university. As[…]

Hic Rosa Collective

What is Hic Rosa? Hic Rosa is a platform for critical public engagement with arts, culture, education, and the humanities. It curates educational and aesthetic experiences—e.g. intensive courses, fora, symposia, installations, and workshops—crossing boundaries of genre and place, in the service of philosophical and intellectual provocations that dismantle the walls between teacher and student, artist and audience, participant and observer, to produce radically intimate collectivities of thought and practice. It supports collaborative publication, broadcast, and[…]

Falsework School

Scenes of aesthetic and political education. The Falsework School, a project of Hic Rosa Collective, is a moving site of alternative community education in art, culture, and politics. Read more about us here. You may register here for upcoming events.

The Not Now Complex

The Not Now Complex is the broadcast and publication component of the Hic Rosa Collective. The Complex aims to support political and artistic inquiry by intersecting partners in the production of podcasts and travelogues, and experiments in writing, sound and speech. Broadcasting bridges the experiences of our various localities to invite and model ways of ways of art working, writing, and being together. There is a fundamental commitment to ideas about time, timeliness, relevance, scripted[…]